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Telehealth ~ Syncing the doctor care you know and love  
with 21st century "On-demand" access and delivery!  
Healthcare meets innovation and technology! 

Welcome to the next generation
of Healthcare!

Give us 3 minutes and we will change the way
you think about healthcare.  Guaranteed!

24/7 access to the nation's largest network of 3,100 U.S. based Board-certified physicians who can diagnose,treat and prescribe medications for hundreds 
of non-emergency common conditions via the phone and video and call you, 
on average,in 9 minutes or less... Anywhere, Anytime!

“70% of all ER, Urgent Care and Doctor Office visits can be 
easily and safely handled over the phone.” 
American Medical Association | Wellness Council of America 

Remember Back 
In The Day...

Who Could Have Imagined!

Don't just take our word for it...

52 percent (56 million) of last year's patient transactions at Kaiser Permanente were conducted online by virtual visits or through the health system's apps.

Deloitte research predicts over 300 million phone and online eVisits annually within the next several years. You will never have a better or more affordable Telehealth option than right now!

What Will You Pay?

More of "What The Heck Is HealthiestYou?"

"The average telehealth doctor visit is nearly four times longer than a traditional doctor visit and 10% to 25% of the actual cost."                                                                                                         HPM Institute

"Those treated through a telehealth platform did not have higher rates of misdiagnosis or treatment failure."                                                                                                                             American Medical Association

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