“Life is 440 horsepower in
a 2-cylinder engine.”  

                                Henry Miller
We Can Help!

We put YOU in the driver's
of your Healthcare!

Think of our Member Portal and APP as our engines.  They are perfect pit stops for Physician Access and all things Health and Wellness.

NO! Anything but the dreaded Clipboard!

Your HealthiestYou membership provides you and your family with your very own private, secure and HIPAA Compliant Member Portal.  You know that clipboard you get when you visit your Doctor, ER or the Urgent Care?  Here's our version.  Fill it out once and you're done.  Update when necessary at your convenience.  When the Doctor calls you for your consultation, he/she will be looking at the same information that you would have provided on any in-person visit.

"Consumers are taking the driver’s seat in healthcare. For the first time it’s possible and beneficial for patients to
be active participants in their own care. The tools, technologies and regulations will all catch up to meet the shift
in patient engagement."     Tamara St Claire, CIO of Xerox's Commercial Healthcare 

      We're Taking Charge Daisy!

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