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Fully insured?  Self-funded?  Limited or No Benefits?  Doesn't matter! We offer Voluntary, Employer or Group paid or a Custom Program! Just 2 employees qualifies for lower Group Pricing!
"Towers Watson estimated that by the end of 2015, 37% of employers would offer
telehealth to employees and expect that number to grow to 80% by 2018."

  • Improving employee productivity (53%). Telehealth removes the stress and  distraction associated with scheduling and traveling to medical appointments.  While traditional healthcare visits can only be scheduled during work hours,  telehealth is usually available 24/7 to be accessed at the employee’s convenience.
  • Attracting new talent (21%). A telehealth benefit positions an employer as  forward-thinking and modern—an increasingly important aspect of recruitment  as the boomer generation retires and millennials increasingly populate the workforce. When considering new career opportunities, job candidates don’t just look at their  potential salary—benefits packages are often the deciding factor when candidates  receive two similar job offers.

There's A Better Way...

Learn how Healthiest You can help rescue
our out of control healthcare costs!

Average claims reduction per
employer group = 32%
20x Higher Reduction in Claims
compared to competitors
Healthiest You Shatters Telehealth Industry
Average With 42% Utilization!

Save Time and Money

40% of ER visits are unnecessary
and can cost up to $750 per visit.
Up to 85% of pediatric visits could
be conducted via video or phone.

Member satisfaction rating = 97%
Employer group renewal rate = 97%
93% of calls result in diagnosis and
treatment with no further action required

Call or Email For
Group Enrollment
Reduce Your Company's Healthcare Costs

HealthiestYou is about the same as a co-pay and a lower cost alternative to $100 doctor visits, $150 urgent care visits, and $750 ER visits

Client Specific Return on Investment

Monthly reports on utilization and productivity savings

Target high utilization and redirect employees toward more cost-effective services

Reduce Absenteeism and
Increase Productivity

70% of doctor visits are for non-emergency care
Employees no longer have to miss an entire day of work to go to the doctor for a routine illness

The average HealthiestYou response time is 11 minutes

Increase Employee & Member Satisfaction

Access to high quality care when you need it and where you need it.  Our service is available 24/7/365 days a year

Improved morale and some very happy group administrators!


Offer Voluntary Enrollment

 HealthiestYou is not available on the open market.  Many associations and organizations are cutting
or reducing benefits.  Let us help you build your membership, strengthen your recruitment and retention efforts by offering a unique, innovative
and valuable healthcare benefit.

"HealthiestYou is the easiest product I've ever sold. The value our clients receive, far exceeds the cost."  ~ Moe DeRegis, Paragon Partners

"HealthiestYou is an amazing product, but with the rollout of their new smartphone app,
it's off the charts awesome." 
~ Eric Ross, DC Capital

“We are going to be getting into the telemedicine space where you consult a board certified physician from your computer, your tablet or your phone.”  ~ Walgreens Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Harry Leider

"We have looked into implementing a telehealth solution for our clients, but could not find the appropriate support, training and tools until I worked with Healthiest You. They are the difference between succeeding
in telehealth and failing. Don't be fooled by low cost providers."
~ Darren G.  CEO, Performance Benefits

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