What's In It For Me?
Save Time! Save Money! Peace Of Mind!!

Want to know why our Members use
HealthiestYou 10x more than the industry average? 
Watch our Co-founder Scott Sanford tell you why...

I know it's not nice to brag but I'm just saying...

Quantifiable Savings

HealthiestYou Doctors can
treat Hundreds of minor
non-emergency conditions
via phone, video and email.

Save up to 85% on medications ...
Beats co-pays 7 out of 10 times

40% of ER visits are unnecessary
and can cost up to $750 per visit.

Up to 85% of pediatric visits could
be conducted via video or phone.

Don't Pay for Overhead!  An office
or waiting room don't help you feel
better so why pay for them?

Healthiest You has the largest
telehealth network in the country
with all board-certified physicians.


Average call back time from a doctor ...
| 9 minutes
| 30% under 2 minutes
| Guaranteed under 3 hours

92% of calls result in diagnosis and
treatment with no further action required

95% would recommend the service

Member satisfaction rating = 97%

"If HealthiestYou was not available, where would you have gone?"

No Travel! No Clipboard! No Waiting Rooms!
 No Germs! No Consultation Fees!

Laugh or Cry?

Sad But So True...
Prepare For A Long Wait!
We ran into a recent article entitled"Why Do I Wait In the Waiting Room ..."on the About/Health website. 
We honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  The entire article contains great (and sad but funny) advice but, if you're in a hurry, here's a glimpse.  We're sorry if this depresses you but there's really good news in the orange below. 

"Your wait time will be less stressful if you are prepared to wait."
  • Take a good book, your knitting, a hand-held video game -- something to pass the time.
  • Catch up on those letters you've been meaning to write.
  • Expect the appointment in total, wait time included, to last far longer than you think it will. If it's shorter, then you'll be pleasantly surprised. But if you account for a long period of time, ahead of time, then it won't be so frustrating to wait.
  • Leave yourself plenty of time. Don't create more stress for yourself by scheduling something else right on the heels of your appointment. If the kids have to be picked up from school at 3, then schedule something that morning, not in the afternoon. If you have a 10 AM meeting, you may not want to schedule an appointment beforehand.

"The average telehealth doctor visit is nearly four times longer than a traditional
doctor visit and 10% to 25% of the actual cost."                                         HPM Institute

Oh, did we mention no waiting room and an average
call back of 9 minutes or less? That knitting will have to wait!


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